Ten things that UFOs do that are not possible in the Universe as we know it.

          1. Make high speed zig-zag motions
                   (act like light beams, not massive craft)
          2. Great accelerations without sound
                   (no sign of energy or thrust use for acceleration)
          3. Float in gravity slowly in silence
                   (no energy or effort to stay aloft)
          4. Fly faster than sound without a sonic boom.
          5. Propel themselves silently without interacting
                     with the environment (no visible thrust,
                     turbulence, heat, light)
          6. Exhibit Pendulum or "Falling  Leaf" Motion
          7. Cause car engines and headlights to die
                     (there is no force on earth that can turn a car
                     off and on at a distance with no after effect)
          8. Cause temporary paralysis
                     (paralysis that comes and goes with presence of UFO)
          9. "Levitate" people and cause steering loss
                     (no electric or magnetic forces can lift human tissue
                     or effect steering)
         10. Lift cars off the ground.
                     (No known force can lift a car from 20' away)


UFOs is that they do not experience inertia.
Inertia is the resistance to acceleration.
Most of the amazing acrobatic feats of UFOs derive from fact that they do not experience the inherent resistance to their movement.
Fast aircraft encounter tremendous air resistance.
UFOs, however, are not effected by air resistance.

For decades it has been known that UFOs exhibit zig-zag motion.
The UFOCAT listst 720 reports of this phenomena.
Massive objects are incapable of zig-zag motion.
If a passenger falls off a cruise ship, it takes the better part of an hour for the ship to turn back. The SR-71 spy plane when it was still flying, at speed, took the territory of three states for it to make a U-turn.
UFOs, on the other hand, can change direction instantaneously
You need an infinite force to make an instantaneous change in direction.
An infinite force is not possible.
The mass in this case is the inertial mass, mi.
One can distinguish between aspects of mass.
Mass that measures the amount of matter in an object is m, the mass involved with gravitational attraction is  gravitational mass, mg, and finally there is inertial mass, mi.
UFOs have no inertia because their inertial mass with respect to moving in space is essentially zero.
It is true that the American Space Shuttle, in its ascent, during its drive to reach orbit, at one point goes through a 9g acceleration.
Also fighter jets can pull 9g’s in a turn or coming out of a dive.
But that is not stop and go in level flight.
To better understand this, we should consider a more manoeuvrable vehicle like the Air Force F-22.
The F-22 Raptor has two engines, which with afterburners, produce 156 Kilo Newtons of thrust each, so the pair about 300 KN. 
The empty weight of the F-22 is 20 tons and 38 tons fully loaded.
If we take the weight as 30 tons and apply Newton's Second Law, then

                               F = ma

                    300 KN = 30 tons x acceleration.

            acceleration =  300 KN = 10 meters/sec/sec

                                      30 tons

                                  = 1 g

That is, the F-22 can do a 1g acceleration in straight horizontal flight on full afterburners.
When the F-22 accelerates in level flight, the pilot will be pushed back in his seat by approximately 1 g, not 9 g’s as with the Nellis UFO.
This agrees with the fact that the F-22 can basically fly straight up, just balancing gravity.
Say the Nellis object, which appeared to be 25' in diameter had a mass of 20 tons.
Then its propulsive thrust or a 9.2g acceleration normally would have been

                              F = ma

                                 = 20 tons x 9.2 x 10 meters/sec/sec

                                 = 1840 Kilo Newtons

or nine times that of the F-22 or almost half of the Shuttle's 5400 Kilo Newtons thrust.
The problems is that it showed NO evidence of a “trail” from such a thrust.
What the analysis did not consider is the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
The Second Law states that energy used has to be dispersed.
The afterburners on the F-22 produce hot gas plumes and a giant roar, and rocket exhaust plumes of the Shuttle are hundreds of feet long, and can be heard up and down the Florida East Coast.
In November 1994, at the Nellis Test Range in Nevada where cameras and radar automatically track military fighters and there targets, a UFO was recorded and its motion photographed.

If you apply some simple physics, what you watch is not possible in the universe as we know it. Here is why.
The Nellis object, in its high acceleration manoeuvre not only did it not show any exhaust "trail", it also showed absolutely NO energy release of any kind.
That means that no energy was expended in the manoeuvres.
That means there was no force or "thrust' involved.
In our universe, massive objects can not make accelerations without energy or thrust.
It is expected that when the UFO makes a 9.2 g acceleration that requires half the thrust of the shuttle, that there be giant fireworks of exhaust plumes and roar.
None of that happened with the Nellis object.
The only way that could happen in our universe is that the UFO had essentially no inertial mass. That the UFO essentially did not experience inertia.

On March 30, 1990, two Belgian F-16s were scrambled by the Belgian Air Force to intercept UFOs reported by SOBEPS, the Belgian society formed to investigate the UFO wave that Belgium was experiencing during 1990 and 1991.
They made repeated brief radar contacts with the objects.
The radar was recorded on video tape. In one contact the UFO made a 22g acceleration, going from essentially zero to 500 mph in one second.
The Belgian UFOs were large black triangles. People often claimed they were 747s. A 747 weighs 200 tons empty, 387 tons full.
If we try to match the pattern of their lights by superimposing their images, we see that while much of the UFO area is solid undefined metal, most of the 747 is air behind the wings.

A conservative estimate would be for the UFO to be 400 tons, but 800 tons is more likely.
What kind of force would be needed to accelerate the 747 from zero to 500 mph in one second ?
We get an idea by calculating the amount of energy involved.
If the kinetic energy initially was small, we can calculate the final kinetic energy of the plane at 500 mph.

                         K.E. = 1/2 mass x (velocity)2

                         The mass is 400 tons = 400,000 kg

                          The velocity is 500 mph = 220 m/s

                         K.E. = 1/2 x 400,000 kg x (220 m/s)2

                                 = (1/2) (4 x 105) (2.2 x 102)2

                                 = 9.68 x 109 joules

the amount of kinetic energy of the 747 sized object at 500 mph. The amount of energy  in one KILOTON of high explosive,  4.18 x 109 joules.
Therefore the energy that would be required to make a 747 go from zero to 500 mph in one second would be equivalent to the explosion of two kilotons of explosive, or that of a small atomic bomb.
In terms of the force required to do the 22g acceleration

                               F = ma

                                  = 400 tons x 22g

                                  = 4(10)5 kilograms x 220 m/sec2

                                  = 8.8(10)7 newtons

                                  = 88,000 Kilonewtons

This is 16 times the shuttle’s 5,400 Kilonewton’s thrust.
If the massOf the UFO was 800 tons, the above figures would be doubled, or 32 times the shuttle's thrust.
We are faced with the following situation:
The radars in F-16s are designed to track and evaluate enemy craft.
They detected and recorded on tape the radar contact with the UFO.
This is what they are designed to do.
They recorded a 22g acceleration by the UFO.
The tape has been checked and the accuracy data has been verified.
This is not swamp gas. This is not some hallucination by feeble minded eye witnesses. This is hard data.
It is about as close to a controlled experiment as you are going to get.
According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics energy used has to be dispersed.
There are no exceptions.
You have heard the rumble of a  jet liner taking off, the fire, smoke, and  roar of a top fuel dragster, and the magnificent spectacle of the shuttle taking off with the rocket plumes hundreds of feet long and a sound that rattles windows up and down the East Coast of Florida.
The force required to produce the UFO acceleration is at least  88,000 kilonewtons.
That is 16 times that of the shuttle, but more likely 32 times.
Therefore to perform the 22g acceleration the UFO would have to create a rocket plume 16 or 32 times as large as the shuttle with 16 or 32 times the sound.
But it did not. It made no sound at all. It did the 22g maneuver in total silence.
Also nothing was visible.
The F-16s never made visual contact with the UFO.
People on the ground saw the UFO but heard and saw nothing else.
Therefore the conclusion is that by the Second Law of Thermodynamics energy used has to be dispersed.
None was seen from the UFO, therefore the energy used by the UFO to create the 22g acceleration was so small that it’s dispersal could not be seen.
The inevitable conclusion is that a 400 or 800 ton UFO has an inertial mass of 1 kg .  

In brief,  The Second Law of Thermodynamic implies:
                      silent motion = imperceptible energy use
   imperceptibe energy use = minimal inertia
                  minimal inertia = inertial mass essentially zero.

The ultimate proof is that UFOs CANNOT make smooth turns.
They can only do sharp angle or "zig-zag" turns, for which their inertial mass has to be essentially zero.
For those of you who have heard the Dr. Einstein insisted the gravitational and inertial mass to be the same for General Relativity, you must remember that Einstein considered a universe of positive gravity only. As far as I know he never dealt with negative mass. 


During the Hudson Valley and Belgian UFO waves, big black triangle UFOs would cruise at walking speed over the countryside in utter silence.
They would then speed up and disappear.
Where did they disappear to ?
Because of the Belgian F-16 encounters we know that UFOs reflect radar, since the fighters were able to lock on briefly.
During the waves UFOs appeared and cruised around daily, why did they not show up on radars constantly ?
And also - where did the UFOs go during daytime ?
But the question is deeper than that.
Near space is one of the most scrutinized areas of real estate in the world.
For decades the NORAD radars have been on hair-trigger alert for Russian missiles coming over the horizon.
Multiple radars constantly scan near space, keeping track of thousands of pieces of space junk so it does not collide with other spacecraft.
Therefore it would seem that the million or so visits by UFOs during the last century did not come from outer space passing through that intensely scrutinized zone, for they then would constantly have triggered alerts.
It appears that UFOs show up on radar only at about the time they actually become visible, and only when they are already fairly low in the atmosphere.
This possibly implies that they do not come from outer space.
In this case perhaps they come from another dimension where radar does not reach.
At about the turn of the Twentieth Century there was a great interest in four dimensional space, due mostly to the great influence of Einstein's 'Theory of Special Relativity'.
It was understood that a real fourth spatial dimension did not exist, because then all knots would unravel, and the inverse square law of gravity and electricity would not bind the moon in its orbit or the electrons around atoms.
A Professor of Mathematics at Brown University, H. P. Manning, wrote a mathematics text on the fourth dimension, 'Geometry of Four Dimension's.
'Scientific American' held a contest for amateurs of essay about the fourth dimension.
The volume of essays arising from the contest, was published as 'The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained' in 1910, and it was edited and with an introduction by Prof. Manning.
He established a tradition in the Brown Math department of work on the 4th dimension which exists to this day.
Notably Prof. Thomas Banchoff has produces computer programs and films on the subject and the illustrated book 'Beyond the Third Dimension'. 
In one of the essays in 'The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained' the author describe what it would look like if a four dimensional object passed through our three dimensional space|:

'a four dimensional being moving steadily in the direction of the fourth-dimension might suddenly appear at our side within a room destitute of openings. Continuing this motion, the final limiting solid of this body would pass beyond our three-dimensional space into the fourth dimension, and he would disappear as suddenly and as inexplicably as he had appeared.'

In the Banchoff book there is an illustration of precisely this description. 
All four dimensional objects have parts which are three dimensional objects.
A four dimensional square has 16 faces each of which is a solid three dimensional cube.
A four dimensional hollow sphere appears as two solid 3-dimensinal tori (donuts) only one of which can be seen at one time.
As the 4-dimensional figure comes through our 3-dimensional space we can only see the 3-dimensional parts.
Therefore the original statement about the 4-dimensional figure therefore also holds true for 3-dimensional ones.
If a three dimensional figure came in from another dimension it would appear exactly like the description above, except when it was in our space it would be entirely in it, with no parts still invisible.
About half the authors in 'The Fourth Dimension Explained' try to analogize the relationship between three dimensions and a fourth by considering a fictitious two-dimensional world and how it would relate to three dimensions.
In that vein, suppose a two-dimensional world consisted of the surface of a lake as viewed from the bottom. One could then see the skis of a water skier moving on the surface of the lake.

Suddenly the skier comes upon a large rectangle, and instead of crashing into it, the skier disappears, only to reappear on the other side.
Of course we know that the water skier only came up on a ski ramp and used it to leap over to the other side.
A viewer confined to two dimensions would think that the skier went through the block.
As the skier flies through the air, the tips of his skis are elevated, and when he lands, the rear edge of the skis enter the surface first, and the rest of skis settle in the water.
What we have learned from this example is this: 1) entities able to enter another dimension appear to have the ability go through objects or walls, and 2) when an object enters from another dimension, it does not do so all at once, but gradually, like the skis settling in the water.
Let us now try to make a model of the 4-dimensional case.
We will try to make this model as simple as possible.
The real world model may be much more complicated.

Suppose we have a 3-dimensional space with coordinates x, y, and z.
Let us now add a fourth coordinate p, which perpendicular to all the others.
Let us say an object, say a UFO, is in the space x-y-p.
Because the p direction is invisible to us, we can not see the UFO.

Lets now say the UFO approaches the origin of the p coordinate and then pokes its nose into our x-y-z space.
Where the origin is and how the UFO does this, we do not know.
A three dimensional object can only be in three dimensions at one time, therefore the nose of the UFO is in x-y-z space, while the rest of it is in x-y-p space.
You see that the entrance from another higher dimension into our x-y-z is piecemeal, and not all at once.
As the UFO proceeds, it now is totally in x-y-z space and not in x-y-p space.
The UFO now moves around in our world.
Why are we talking about UFOs ?
Because this is precisely what eye witnesses have reported UFOs doing.
Over 10% of witnesses said that the UFO “shrunk” out of existence.

We know of course that large material objects like a UFO don’t “shrink”.
Their piecemeal disappearance at night-time is merely interpreted by the eye as shrinkage. Witnesses say: “that the UFO, the size of a football field just collapsed on itself and vanished."
They compared what they saw with “a huge telescoping antenna folding until it is very small.” 
In another report: “The lights went out one by one, and, when the last light went out, the object had vanished like the Cheshire Cat’s smile.”.
The lights going out one by one is precisely what happens.

as the UFO withdraws into another dimension.
If you consider that almost all sightings are at night, it is very possible that even when a UFO is perceived to be moving away, that may be an illusion.
When something gets smaller we unconsciously think it is receding because we are used to perspective.
The reduction in size may actually be the apparent shrinking of the UFO as it enters another dimension, especially since the inevitable outcome of the motion is disappearance.
The actual percentage of shrinking disappearance may be much higher than perceived.
During the night of April 29, 1990 when the Belgian F-16s made radar contact with the UFOs, the contacts usually lasted only a few seconds, and the UFO would disappear from the screen only to reappear somewhere else a few moments later.
Why would the contacts last only a few seconds ?
One could invent various scenarios where the UFO turned sidewise, or blocked the radar. Possibly -  but in the 'Hudson Valley Wave' a decade earlier the authors remarked:

And there were many people who say the object simply disappear in an instant, often only to reappear a moment later in a blinding flash of light.”

An Officer Turnbull of the Greenburgh Police, and his wife, saw a UFO and the lights went out suddenly.
It was “as if the object had become invisible”.
Officer Turnbull searched for the shape behind the lights but could not see it.

About 40 seconds later, the lights suddenly came back on, but in a different section of the sky not far from their original position.”

Since Officer could not see any shape were the lights had been perhaps we could conclude that the UFO DID disappear, and then suddenly reappeared.
And when the Belgian F-16s lost radar contact, it was not because of some radar ECM countermeasures, but that the UFO actually did disappear as in the Hudson Valley cases both from sight and radar.
This disappearance is consistent with the fact that UFOs mostly appear at fairly low altitudes, and not traversing near space where they would constantly be setting off alarms between the ICBM crews of the superpowers.
There is considerable evidence that UFOs are acutely aware of the situation on Earth, and they take great care not to cause a World War by accident.
It would seem that UFOs have the uncanny power to simply pop into our universe from another dimension, and, at will, pop out again.