UFOs - Mystery and Meaning

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UFOs have puzzled mankind from the dawn of time. Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history.
Some were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five planets that can be seen with the naked eye, planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia and lenticular clouds.
An example is Halley's Comet, which was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in 240 B.C. and possibly as early as 467 B.C. Such sightings throughout history were often treated as supernatural portents, angels, or other religious omens.
Some current-day UFO researchers have noticed similarities between some religious symbols in medieval paintings and UFO reports
Many classical authors in the West and East reported of strange objects in the sky. and these reports continued into the Middle Ages.
Such reports continued in the Renaissance, and there were a flurry of reports, particularly from America, in the 19th Century.
It is more recently, however, that reports of what are now termed UFOs gathered momentum.
The term UFO was originally coined by the military.
An unidentified flying object (usually abbreviated to UFO) is an unusual apparent anomaly in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the observer as any known object.
While a considerable percentage remain unexplained, many UFO sightings are often later identified as any number of various natural phenomenon or man-made objects.

While technically a UFO refers to any unidentified flying object, in modern popular culture the term UFO has generally become synonymous with alien spacecraft.
Proponents argue that because these objects appear to be technological and not natural phenomenon, and are alleged to display flight characteristics or have shapes seemingly unknown to conventional technology, the conclusion is then that they must not be from Earth.

Modern interest in UFOs dates from World War II (see foo fighters below), further fueled in the late 1940's by Kenneth Arnold's (see right) coining of the term flying saucer and the Roswell UFO Incident (see left).
Since then governments have investigated UFO reports, often from a military perspective- and UFO researchers have investigated, written about, and created organizations devoted to the subject.
One such investigation, the UK's Project Condign report, notes that Russian, Former Soviet Republics, and Chinese authorities have made a co-ordinated effort to understand the UFO topic and that State military organizations, particularly in Russia, have done "considerably more work (than is evident from open sources)" on military applications which have stemmed from their UFO research.
The report also noted, significantly, that "several aircraft have been destroyed and at least four pilots have been killed 'chasing UFOs'."


The extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is defined by Edward U. Condon in the 1968 Condon Report as "The idea that some UFOs may be spacecraft sent to Earth from another civilization, or on a planet associated with a more distant star", further attributing the popularity of the idea to Donald Keyhoe's (see left) UFO book from 1950, though the idea clearly predated Keyhoe, appearing in newspapers and various government documents (see immediately below).

This is probably the most popular theory among Ufologists:
Some private or governmental studies, some secret, have concluded in favor of the ETH, or have had members who disagreed with official conclusions against the conclusion by committees and agencies to which they belonged.

The UFO Hostility Hypothesis is inside the extraterrestrial hypothesis.
It says that the extraterrestrial beings that travel in the UFOs, or most of them, are hostile.
The hypothesis comes because of the Cattle Mutilations and the observations made by Wilhelm Reich and Jerome Eden during their experiments with the Cloudbuster.

A cloudbuster (or cloud buster) is a device designed by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, which Reich said could produce rain by manipulating what he called "orgone energy" present in the atmosphere.
The cloudbuster was intended to be used in a way similar to a lightning rod: focusing it on a location in the sky and grounding it in some material that was presumed to absorb orgone – such as a body of water – would draw the orgone energy out of the atmosphere, causing the formation of clouds and rain. Reich conducted dozens of experiments with the cloudbuster, calling the research "Cosmic Orgone Engineering."
The interdimensional hypothesis (IDH or IH) says that UFOs are objects crossing over from other dimensions or parallel universe, popularly proposed by Jacques Vallée (see left), though also predating him.

The paranormal/occult hypothesis is a variant of the interdimensional hypothesis, invoked to explain so-called paranormal aspects sometimes associated with UFO reports.

The psychosocial hypothesis, that what people report as UFO experiences is the result of psychological misperception mechanisms and is strongly influenced by popular culture.

That UFOs represent poorly understood or still unknown natural phenomena, such as ball lightning or sprites.

The earthquake lights/tectonic strain hypothesis: UFOs are caused by strains in Earth's crust near earthquake faults, which can also supposedly induce hallucinations.

That UFOs are military flying saucers, top secret or experimental aircraft unfamiliar to most people.


UFOs are sometimes an element of conspiracy theories in which governments are allegedly intentionally "covering up" the existence of aliens or sometimes collaborating with them.
There are many versions of this story; some are exclusive, while others overlap with various other conspiracy theories.
In the U.S., an opinion poll conducted in 1997 suggested that 80 % of Americans believed the U.S. government was withholding such information.
Various notables have also expressed such views.
Some examples are astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell, Senator Barry Goldwater, Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (the first CIA director), Lord Hill-Norton (former British Chief of Defense Staff and NATO head), the 1999 high-level French COMETA report by various French generals and aerospace experts, and Yves Sillard (former director of the French space agency CNES, new director of French UFO research organization GEIPAN).
It has also been suggested by a few paranormal authors that all or most human technology and culture is based on extraterrestrial contact. See also ancient astronauts.


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Serious interest in UFOs began in the closing years of the Second World War with the phenomena of 'Foo Fighters'

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Adamski & Co.

George Adamski was not the first of the modern contactees, although he was undoubtedly the most famous. Adamski's contacts began in 1952, whereas Howard Menger's (see right below) first contact was in 1932, at the time when Hitler was on his way to power in Germany. 
Menger was only ten when he made his first contact, which is unusual in itself.
Even Joseph Smith was in his teens at the time of his first contact, in the forests of Vermont, with two shining entities whom he took to be God the Father and God the Son.
Menger made contact with a beautiful woman, in a wood near his home in New Jersey.
She told him of an important mission that he would have in the future and promised him that he would be visited by 'her people' on numerous occasions in the future.
Despite this rather strange childhood experience, Menger apparently grew up quite normally, serving in the American Army during the War in the Pacific.
During his period of service he was contacted by entities on a number of occasions, although such visits never came to the attention of his fellow GIs or his superiors.
In 1945 Menger left the Army and worked as a self employed sign writer, supporting his wife and young son.
As time went by the number and duration of his contacts increased, and he found himself involved in helping alien entities, whom he believed to be Venusians, to establish themselves on Earth, incognito. In 1956 he attempted to photograph one of the 'saucers' which the aliens were supposed to use when travelling to the Earth.
The pictures were of a disappointingly poor quality, which was explained by the Venusians as being due to radiation from the ships propulsion units.
During this time Menger met entities who claimed to come from Saturn and Mars. All these entities could pass quite easily as normal inhabitants of Earth.
As a reward for the help and assistance that Menger had given to the 'space people' he was invited aboard one of their 'spacecraft' and given a trip round the solar system during which he visited 'Saturn', 'Mars' and 'Venus'.
Not surprisingly, Menger wrote a book describing his experiences.
In it he noted the remarkable longevity of the entities whom he contacted and points to the fact that this was achieved by a diet which consisted entirely of organic vegetable products.

This concern about food, and in particular, vegetarianism, is to be found in the teachings of Smith, Blavatsky (see left), Gurdjieff, Crowley, (see right) Hitler and other prominent Nazis, along with current New Age disciples and, of course, almost all contactees and abductees.
Another significant contactee, who pre-dates Adamski was Arthur Henry Matthews.
Matthews was a wealthy friend of the enigmatic scientist, Nikola Tesla.
In 1941 Matthews was living at his four-hundred acre country property just outside Quebec, in Canada.
One night he met two entities who were similar to those who contacted Howard Menger.

They also claimed to be from Venus and asked to see the work Matthews was engaged on with regard to an invention which Tesla (see left) had bequeathed to him on his death.
Satisfied with Matthew's work, they took him to their craft which he was allowed to inspect. Again longevity and a vegetarian diet were emphasised.
After this initial contact, Matthews was visited by 'Venusian' entities on a number of other occasions, spanning a period of twenty years, and on one of these occasions was taken on a trip to 'Mars'.

Adamski (see right), himself, was born in Poland in 1891.
When he was just two years old his family emigrated to America to escape the crushing poverty and political uncertainty.
As a young man he spent some years in the American Army although little is known of the details of his early life.
By 1944 he was calling himself 'Professor' Adamski and lecturing on Eastern Religions.
He and a group of followers had set up a small colony near Mount Palomar, in California; site of the giant two-hundred inch reflecting telescope.
There they ran a tourist's cafe and Adamski indulged in his hobby of amateur astronomy with his six inch Newtonian reflector.

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In 1946 Adamski observed his first UFO through his telescope but it was not until 1952 that he was able to successfully take his first photograph of a UFO through his telescope (see left).
What is noteworthy is the remarkable similarity between Adamski's suacers and German designs depicting the 'Haunebu' (see right).

Nordic Alien
In that same year he experienced his first contact with alien entities.
Again they identified themselves a 'Venusians' and appeared to be humanoid, looking very similar to Nordic earthmen (see left) - and this, interestingly, relates to the 'Janos' aliens discussed below.
Adamski was able to communicate at a rather deeper level than some of the other early contactees and soon established that these entities believed in a Supreme Being and in life after death.
Like many messages in the fifties and sixties from alien entities, Adamski's entities were concerned about nuclear testing and the threat of nuclear war.
At the end of Adamski's initial meeting the visiting entity asked for one of Adamski's photographic plates, which he promised to return.
Once the alien 'craft' had left, Adamski took a cast of the alien's footprint as evidence of the meeting. The footprint, along with the returned photographic plate bore symbols or glyphs which bear a striking resemblance to the transcribed examples of Reformed Egyptian which were taken from the Moroni Plates of 1829.
After his initial meeting Adamski met 'Venusians' on numerous occasions in Los Angeles, rather in the same manner as Howard Menger.
The aliens appeared in conventional business suites and attracted little or no attention from passers-by, who were unaware of their origins.
Later Adamski was taken to a 'Mother Ship' in orbit above the Earth.
Here like Menger and others, he met similar entities from Saturn, Mars and, of course, Venus. On another occasion he was taken on a visit to the dark side of the Moon, which he was assured was inhabited.
Once again the entities were long lived and vegetarians. Despite the bizarre nature of many of Adamski's pronouncements, he quickly developed a larger following than any of the other contactees of the time, and in 1959 his disciples were able to raise sufficient funds to finance a world tour.
In the process of the tour Adamski was able to visit New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy and Holland, where he was granted an audience with Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard.

In 1965 John Reeves (see left) was contacted by alien entities who not only left 'Adamski' type footprints, in this case leaving a trail stretching at least a quarter of a mile, but also fragments of Titanium, a metal often associated with UFO encounters.
I addition there was 'Martian' writing which proved to be very similar to Adamski's 'Venusian' script and Smith's Reformed Egyptian.
There is an enigmatic twist to Reeve's story, which was provided by a Dr. Berthold Eric Schwartz, who reported in 1957, (eight years before Reeves had his alien contact), that a nine year old girl had received thirteen identical symbols in the precise order in which they were found in Reeve's communication, whilst she was undergoing an experience of automatic writing.
This connection between apparent UFO contacts and psychic phenomena is extremely significant, as shall be subsequently shown.
The connection with Joseph Smith and Mormonism, through 'space writing' is also noteworthy, but equally the fact that so many space entities are described as being almost identical in appearance to Joseph Smith's Moroni should also give cause for comment.
There is, in addition, one other significant connection between Smith and recent experiences involving UFOs and alien entities.

This connection has its origins in December of 1973 when a French racing-car journalist called Claude Vorilhon (see left) was contacted by entities who emerged from a 'space craft' which landed close to an extinct volcano near Clermont-Ferrand, in France.
The entities explained that they came from 'far away' and knew all the languages of the Earth. They asked Vorilhon to obtain a Bible and a note-pad and then proceeded to describe their apparent involvement in the history of both the Old and the New Testaments.
They appointed Vorilhon, who up till then had no interest in either religion or outer space, as their representative on Earth, and required him to raise money in order to establish a centre from which their philosophy could be propagated. Vorilhon successfully carried out their requests, setting up branches of what he called the 'Raelian Movement' in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and Britain.

One of the main ideas of the movement is the espousal of a doctrine of free love, which is remarkably similar to Joseph Smith's (see left) concept of Celestial Marriage.
When asked their name, the entities who contacted Vorilhon described themselves as the 'Elohim'.
It should be noted that the name Elohim was given by Joseph Smith to the Demiurge from Kolob who was responsible, according to Smith, for creating human life on Earth.
Was the contact with Vorilhon perhaps an updated and modernised re-run of the contact made by 'Moroni'? If it was it must prompt a reconsideration of many other accounts by contactees of alien entities.
As time passed, the Adamski case resurfaced during the same year as the Reeves case and some years before the appearance of the Elohim.

This new contact occurred in England, rather than America, and involved a certain E A Bryant (see left), a retired prison officer, who lived at Scoriton on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon. On the 24th April, 1965, at about five thirty pm, Bryant encountered a UFO whilst walking on the moor. The craft hovered near him and three humanoid figures emerged. They informed Bryant that they came from 'Venus', and one of the entities identified himself as 'Yamski'.
They assured Bryant that they would return in a short while, with proof of 'Mantel'. Some time later some metal fragments, possibly from an aircraft, were discovered at the same location. Bryant was not familiar with the cases relating to either Adamski, who had died on the 23rd April, 1965, or Mantel, and therefore may well have misheard Adamski as 'Yamski'.

As for Mantel, Bryant was also unaware that Captain Thomas Mantel, of the United States Air Force (see right) had died when his plane mysteriously disintegrated, in 1948, over Godman Air Force Base, Fort Knox, Kentucky, whilst he chasing a UFO.
If the entity involved in this encounter with Bryant was Adamski, then the incident could be of immense significance, in that it associates certain UFO sightings, strongly, with spiritualist phenomena, in that Adamski was communicating after his death; and at the same time, it links up with the mysterious statement made by an alien entity to Whitley Strieber, during his abduction, that 'aliens' 'recycle souls'.
As time went on the entities whom contactees encountered no longer claimed to be from our Solar system.
Perhaps the evidence which the moon landings and space probes to Venus and Mars had provided made the claims of 'Venusians' and 'Martians' seem somewhat untenable.
Now alien entities claimed to come from such unlikely places as 'Clarion'; which is, apparently, a planet in our Solar System which is permanently, and probably conveniently, always hidden by our Moon; or the planet Aenstria, or the Galaxy of Coma Berenices, which is not, in fact, a galaxy but rather a constellation.

Another unknown planet was Lanulos, apparently the home of an entity who called himself 'Indrid Cold'.
'Cold' first introduced himself to Woodrow Derenberger (see left) one evenin in November, in 1966.
Derenberger was driving in his van near Parkersberg in West Virginia when he came across an 'alien craft' parked in the middle of the free-way.
Derenberger pulled up on the hard shoulder and was approached by a humanoid entity, who looked to all intents and purpose like an ordinary person. He gave his name and explained that he came from the 'planet' Lanulos.
Significantly, like Adamski and many other contactees Derenberger received his communications from Cold telepathically.
Cold made light and rather pointless conversation with Derenberger, for about ten minutes, and then, rather strangely, suggested that Derenberger report the matter to the local police.
Like most contactees Derenberger had practically no previous knowledge of, or interest in UFOs.
Unsure as to what was going on, he therefore decided to go to the police as Cold had suggested, and found, to his surprise, that they were prepared to give him a reasonable hearing in view of the fact that there had been numerous UFO sightings and close encounters in the area over the previous twenty-four hours.
Derenberger's contact with Cold continued, and the following day Cold, whilst not appearing physically, gave Derenberger a considerable amount of information, telepathically, about his home 'planet' and his family, which consisted of his wife, two sons and a baby daughter.
The 'planet' Lanulos, it appears, was in the galaxy of 'Ganymede'; a statement which, typically, is completely meaningless. As is the case with many contactees, Derenberger's life was totally disrupted by his contact with alien entities.
Apart from the inevitable psychological disorientation caused by his belief that he had been contacted by 'spacemen', there was also the inevitable social disruption which affected both Derenberger and his family once the details of his encounter had been made public knowledge. Derenberger was a salesman and he soon discovered that his notoriety as a contactee was not good for business.
His children were bullied at school and, because his business was failing, he soon found that he was short of money.
The family moved to central Cleveland, but Cold soon followed Derenberger. Cold would either contact Derenberger as a drove along some isolated free-way or would simply be waiting at Derenberger's back door when he arrived home in the evening.
At the same time Derenberger and his friends began to receive a succession of strange 'phone calls consisting of odd electronic noises, along with visits by mysterious and threatening 'men in black'. These two phenomena are strongly associated with UFO contacts and sightings.
The UFO phenomena appears to express itself most commonly through electro-magnetic phenomena which range from causing the electrical systems of cars to cut out, to interference with radios and televisions and the disruption of phone systems.
At the extreme end of the range, sightings of UFOs have been connected with extensive disruptions of the electrical power grid, involving large scale power failures, particularly in America.
Reinforcing the theme of electro-magnetic phenomena, many contactees and abductees who have been shown round the interior of alien 'space craft', or who have been taken on 'space flights', have been told by their hosts that their ships are powered by electro-magnetic forces, and in some cases, including that of Strieber, contactees have been given plans of electro-magnetic 'motors'.
Electromagnetic disruption, whilst being a nuisance, is not usually threatening.
The UFO phenomena, however, appears to be able to interfere with phone systems in such a way that un-traceable, anonymous and threatening 'phone calls are often received by individuals who have reported siting UFOs, or have reported contacts with alien entities.
Equally 'men in black' are often reported to have visited contactees, sometimes warning them not to 'go public' about their experiences, but in many other cases, simply interviewing contactees and their associates in a somewhat odd manner.
The 'men in black' or MIBs are an intriguing phenomena, as they often arrive in old cars that look and even smell 'brand new'; often large black Cadillacs; wearing 'brand new' but slightly out of date clothes, and behaving in an odd, often socially inept manner. They usually state that they represent a particular Government agency or newspaper, but when enquiries are made they are unknown and un-traceable.
These then were some of the problems that beset 'Woody' Derenberger, despite his attempts to lead a normal, quiet life. Indrid Cold continued to contact him and, not surprisingly, 'Woody' ended up taking the inevitable flight to the Moon combined with a trip round the Solar System in the entity's 'spacecraft', before eventually flying to Cold's home 'planet' of Lanulos.
There, he was entertained at Indrid Cold's luxurious home, where he discovered, to his surprise, that the people of Lanulos were nudists.
Along with his interplanetary flights Derenberger also produced, like most other contactees, a book which he entitled, rather unimaginatively, 'Visitors from Lanulos'.
Derenberger's story may seem to be just another contactee fantasy were it not for the events which occurred on December 10th, 1967.
On that date a young college student, from Adelphi, Maryland, called Tom, was driving home along Interstate Highway 70 just outside Washington DC, when he encountered a large white object on the road ahead.
Being curious, Tom pulled up and saw two figures standing outside the large spherical object. The two 'entities were fairly ordinary looking, and were dressed in blue overalls. One of the entities approached Tom and explained that his name was Vadig. After a few minutes of rather mundane and pointless conversation, Vadig and his companion left with the cryptic farewell,'see you in time'.
On arriving at the campus, Tom told his three roommates about his encounter, but as they were not prepared to take him seriously, Tom told no one else.
Tom had a part time job as a waiter, which helped him to pay his college fees. He had not mentioned this to Vadig, during their brief conversation and he was therefore surprised and shocked when at the beginning of February 1968, Vadig entered the restaurant where he worked. On this occasion Vadig was wearing a lounge suit and dark overcoat.
Vadig asked Tom to meet him the following Sunday and then left, after drinking a cup of coffee. After work, the next Sunday, Tom was picked up by Vadig, who was driving a large black Buick. It was an old model but Tom recalled that it looked and smelled brand new.
After a thirty minute drive they arrived at a remote spot where Vadig had 'parked' his space craft. Tom was placed in a small grey circular room, equipped with a seat and a video screen. The screen showed the earth receding to a tiny speck as the 'craft' apparently travelled through space. Eventually another 'planet' appeared on the screen and the 'craft' landed with a thump. Tom rejoined Vadig who proudly announced that the planet was Lanulos.

After a brief tour of the 'nudist planet', Tom returned home in the same manner that he arrived, and was dropped off from the Buick at his front door. When he recounted this adventure to his room-mates his excitement and emotional involvement convinced his friends that he had undergone a genuine and significant experience.
This puzzling case was thoroughly researched by John A Keel, (see right) author and UFO researcher, who was unable to find any connection between Derenberger and Tom, other than their identical encounters with entities professing to denizens of the unlikely world of Lanulos.
The inhabitants of Lanulos, according to 'Woody' and Tom were nudists, but not particularly sexy nudists. Sex does, however, 'raise its ugly head', eventually.

Star Magic & Sex Magic

There is a considerable amount of informed speculation which suggests that Dietrich Eckart (see right) used a form of Arabian 'Star Magic' when he initiated his protege, Adolf Hitler (see left).
Arabian 'Star Magic' is one of the most secret, and reputedly powerful, forms of magic in existence. It is practised rarely now as few know the true rituals.
More to the point, 'Star Magic' derives its power from the unleashing of sexual energies released through violent intercourse, or through sadistic or masochistic actions which are capable of arousing sexual excitement to the point of orgasm.
Many people consider that UFOs and their occupants come from the Stars; the so called 'extra-terrestrial theory'.
Surprisingly, the occupants of UFOs also appear to have an interest in sexuality to a degree that is not normally associated with space exploration.
They seem to take a schoolboy's delight in peeking into bedroom windows as women undress or disturbing courting teenagers in the back seats of automobiles in deserted lover's lanes.
If they abduct people they do it at night, often from their beds.
Once abducted they obsessively examine their captive's sexual organs & on occasions copulate with them.
The remarkably unlikely case of 'Woody' Derenberger does not enter into the category of sexually motivated contacts, but it does share a common characteristic with a case which undisputedly points the way to this interesting predilection on the part of entities. The Derenberger case, referred to previously, was corroborated by an independent party.
Probably the most famous abduction case of all, that of Betty and Barney Hill, also received a certain degree of corroboration, & that from a surprising source.

Nearly everybody who is reasonably intelligent & can read is aware, to some degree, of the case of Betty and Barney Hill, apart, of course, from Whitley Strieber (see left), if we are to believe his remarks in 'Communion'.
The Hills were a conventional, middle class couple who were actively involved with the local church. The only unusual thing about them, for 1961, was that Barney was coloured and Betty was white.
Despite this, however, they were well integrated into their local community, in their home town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he was employed by the post office and she was a social worker. The Hills were driving on route 3, just South of Lincoln in New Hampshire, returning from a holiday in Canada, where they had visited Niagara Falls and Montreal, when they noticed a bright object in the sky, ahead of their car.
They were in a National Forest area in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and there was little other traffic on the road. The object which they had sighted was sufficiently unusual for them to stop their car in order for them to observe it through binoculars.
The object subsequently made various manoeuvres and ended by hovering a couple of hundred feet above their vehicle.
The Hills (see right) became alarmed by the proximity of the object and reentered their car and drove away at speed. Whilst driving away from the object, the hills heard a number of strange electronic 'beeping' noises. After this, the object seemed to disappear, and they continued their journey.
When they arrived in the vicinity of Ashland, about thirty miles down the road, they heard the mysterious electronic sounds once again.
The bulk of the previous account has been condensed from a report made to the Pease Air Force Base, in New Hampshire, by Betty Hill. It was subsequently revealed that the Base had made radar contact with an object at the same time and in the same area, sharing the same characteristics as that reported by Mrs Hill.
There the matter might have ended were it not for the fact that the Hills were left with thirty-five miles and two hours of their journey unaccounted for in addition to which they were plagued with nightmares and a general sense of lassitude and unease.
Their symptoms were sufficiently worrying to cause them, a year or two later, to seek professional help. Although neither party had ever suffered from any psychiatric problems before; Barney did have a recurring stomach ulcer which was probably psychosomatic; they decided to consult a local psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. He felt that the best approach would involve hypnotism.
Their sessions of hypnotic regression began in December of 1963 and terminated in June of 1964. The results of their hypnotic sessions were remarkable. The Hills, who gave their testimonies separately, revealed repressed, and practically identical memories in which they stopped their car and subsequently were 'abducted' by alien entities.
The entities appeared to gain control over the Hills by pointing a small cylindrical object at them; the nearest thing to which Betty could compare it was a pencil. This is a detail that is repeated in numerous contactee and abduction recollections, including those of Whitley Strieber. The aliens, now in control, took the Hills aboard their craft and subjected them to some kind of medical examination. The 'examination' appears to have been performed whilst the Hills were fully conscious, the aliens assuming that their memories of the process would be completely blocked by some form of 'hypnotic suggestion', which was not, apparently, very effective.
Rather than a normal, legitimate examination, Betty and Barney's description seems to indicate some form of gene sampling related to cloning.
They were examined separately, and Betty had specimens of skin taken and a probe inserted into, or in the area of, her navel, which may have been used to obtain specimens of ova, whilst Barney had a type suction device place over his genitals which presumably was used to take a sample of semen. The suction device left visible scars on Barney's groin which were subject to medical examination by the Hill's own doctor.
The beings who were responsible for the Hill's abduction were somewhat different from the tall, blond Venusians of Adamski or Menger.
The Hill's aliens were fairly short, with dull greyish skin, pointed faces with vestigial lips and elongated, 'wrap-round' eyes. They appeared to communicate by telepathy, although there does seem to be some confusion about that point. Although the Hills were taken and examined against their will, the beings who they encountered seemed, on the whole, to be friendly, or at least not antagonistic to earth people.
After their 'examination', the Hill's spent some time in the 'control room' of the craft. Whilst they were there Betty was shown a three-dimensional 'star map', which she was later able to describe and draw in some detail.

The map (see right) was subsequently 'reconstructed' by an amateur astronomer; a schoolteacher called Marjorie E Fish (see left) from Ohio; who had become interested in the case.
The map was of a sector of our galaxy, approximately forty-eight light years across and thirty-six light years in depth. Within that area there are approximately 200 known stars.
Of those two hundred stars, only twelve are considered by astronomers and exobiologists to have characteristics consistent with the existence of life sustaining planets. Betty's map consists of twelve stars in the appropriate configuration. The odds against such a coincidence are, appropriately, 'astronomical'. The result of this research, which lasted six years, suggested that the entities who abducted the Hills originated from a planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli; Reticulus being a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere. A less convincing alternative interpretation, however, suggests Epsilon Eridani or Epsilon Indi.
In 1973 the Reticulus theory was presented in an article which appeared in 'Saga' magazine. The following year a further article, written by Terence Dickinson, was published in 'Astronomy', a professional magazine with a formidable reputation. These articles, and the research upon which they are based form the most convincing and compelling evidence for the 'extra terrestrial theory' of UFO phenomena, and by inference, establish links with Joseph Smith's extra terrestrial cosmology and the celestial components in Gnosticism, which has been an influence on most subsequent theories of magic.
Five years were to pass before the Hill's story became public knowledge.
The story was leaked without their consent and so, to put the record straight, they asked John Fuller to write on their behalf 'The Interrupted Journey'.
Some time later Barney died unexpectedly, at the age of forty-six, from a brain haemorrhage. Betty continued to write and lecture about her experiences, and eventually she developed into a full blown contactee 'personality', receiving messages from Barney, who, it appears, had passed over into an extraterrestrial style heaven.
In one of the seances, Barney suggested that they had been let off lightly with regard to their abduction experiences and hinted darkly at the fate that had befallen many other earth people at the hands of some less well intentioned aliens.
Like the Adamski case, and so many other contactee cases, the Hill case, as time went on, transformed itself, imperceptibly, from science fiction into 'star magic, as occult and spiritualist aspects began to predominate.

The case of Betty and Barney Hill is not the only modern case which has an overtly sexual content. Almost as famous is the case of Antonio Villas-Boas (see left).
This incident took place in Brazil, in October of 1957, a number of years before the Hill case.
The case was thoroughly researched at the time by Professor Olavo Fontes of the National School of Medicine, in Rio de Janiro.
On the night of October 5th, 1957, Antonio and his brother had gone to bed at about eleven. As the night was warm, Antonio opened a window, and in doing so he noticed a bright light in the corral.
Waking later in the night, both the brothers observed the light for a second time, before it passed over the roof of the house and disappeared.
Some days later, on the 14th of October, Antonio was ploughing with his tractor when he noticed an area of bright light at the northern end of the field in question. When he tried to approach the light it moved away from him, and this happened on a number of occasions.
The whole incident was observed by his other brother, who was some distance away in another field.
The following evening Antonio was on his own in the same field, with his tractor, at one o'clock in the morning.
Why he was there at such a strange hour we are not told. A large white, luminous egg-shaped object approached Antonio at great speed and landed close beside him.
Jumping from his tractor, Antonio tried to escape.
As he was running away he was grabbed from behind by an alien. He was able to push his pursuer away, but was then overcome by three other aliens, who dragged him back to their 'ship'.
They forced him up a ladder into the vessel where he found himself in a small, brightly lit, square room with polished metal walls. He was then taken into a larger, oval room, containing a metal column in its centre. The room was sparsely furnished with a table and several swivel chairs, all fixed to the floor.
After a brief discussion between themselves, which was unintelligible to Antonio, the five aliens began to forcibly undress him.
Once he was totally naked one of the aliens applied a liquid all over his body with something resembling a sponge. He was then taken to another room which contained a large upholstered couch. In this room one of the aliens took samples of blood from him. At this point he was left alone and began to feel nauseous.
After a short while the door to the room opened and a woman entered the room.
She was shorter than Antonio, with pale skin, high cheekbones and a pointed chin. She was slim with well developed breasts, full hips and generally good looking. Antonio was shocked by the fact that, like him, she was completely naked. Her hair was very fair but Antonio noticed that her pubic hair was red.
She began to rub herself, suggestively, against Antonio, and immediately he became almost uncontrollably sexually excited. They proceeded to have intercourse, which he subsequently described as being completely natural and normal. Once intercourse was over the woman left the room. One of the aliens then entered the room and returned Antonio's clothing, gesturing to him to get dressed.
He was then taken on a brief tour of the 'ship' and later allowed to leave.
The ship took off, leaving Antonio in the field, by his tractor.
The case of Betty & Barney and Antonio Vila Boas are just the tip of the iceberg.
There is a vast catalogue of contact and abduction which hinge on a disturbing sexual content. There is one case, though, which while it has startling similarities to the Hill case, and has no overtly expressed sexual content, does have a racial slant which relates it to these sexually orientated cases and the racialism to be found in Blavatsky's thought and occult Volkisch mysticism.
The case is quite obscure although well researched.
It also involves an interrupted journey, although on this occasion the scene is set in England. John, his wife Gloria, their daughters Natasha aged five and Tanya, aged three, and John's sister, Francis, were travelling from Reading to their home near Gloucester.
They were returning from a family funeral and their journey too place during the late evening on Monday 19th June 1978.
The full story, having so many witnesses, is not only remarkably consistent, but is also exceptionally detailed.
Sufficient to say that they were intercepted on a deserted stretch of road by what was apparently an alien space-craft in much the same way as the Hills were.
There was the same problem with the car's electrical system and the same rather gentle abduction.
Once aboard the adults were subjected to a medical examination.
No reference was made by the participants to any sexual aspect to these examinations, although this cannot be ruled out as many of the memories were retrieved by the use of hypnosis as in the case of the Hills, and the Streiber case, which we shall be looking at in detail later.
The occupants of this 'space-craft' were surprisingly talkative, and gave what amounted to an illustrated lecture on their planet with the assistance of high definition video.
The Ufonauts purported to come from a planet which they called Janos.
If one letter, the 'o' is exchanged for a 'u' we have the name Janus. Janus was one of the most ancient gods of the Romans.
His origins were in the mysterious Etruscan religion, from which many ancient Roman religious concepts were derived.
He was depicted as a figure with two faces; one facing forward and one facing backwards. He was the God of beginnings and endings; a God of time.
This concern with time is reminiscent of Vadig's comment, 'See you in time.'.
Equally many entities have given names which are Greek Latin or Celtic; names which usually have some religious significance.
The people from Janos had suffered an ecological catastrophe brought on by the use of nuclear power.

To paraphrase Douglas Adam's Golgafrinchams (see left), 'their planet was doomed'.
A series of Chernobyl-like accidents had hopelessly irradiated their world and they were now looking for a new home to colonise.
It is suggested in Frank Johnson's book, which describes the encounter, that the people of Janos might have originally come from the earth, and that is why they were looking to it as a possible new home.
The odd point about the book is that the Janos people are described as being Nordic or Aryan in both appearance (see right)and temperament, and it is suggested that land in some northern latitude might be put aside for their use, should they wish to settle here.
This, of course, takes us to various theories regarding the development of raumflug (space flight) in Germany during the Second World War, and the reported disappearance of many key figures at the end of that period.


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